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Welcome to Sebastian Technologies Support Wiki.

Sebastian Technologies Support Wiki provides detailed information on our Vx7 XDATE software. There are two ways to access the Wiki, directly from our web-site or within the Vx7 software. When accessing the Wiki from our web-site make your selection from the Table of Contents (TOC). When accessing the Wiki from our Vx7 software select HELP from the menu. Selecting HELP within the Vx7 software will display help for the current opened window.

This support Wiki is categorized under three main sections:
Operations, Accounting, and Administration.

These Categories contain links to documents of features, services, and modules providing available documentation, Tips, and FAQ's for each function. You can also perform a Search located on the bottom of the Navigation bar to your left.

If you don't find what you're looking for, please notify us via Email and we'll be sure to address your question(s) and add it to the published articles.

Consult your User Guide for information on using the Vx7 software.

Getting started


Xdate is sectioned into three main procedural processes. Operations, Accounting and Administration. To locate help on a particular screen or function first indentify the main procedural process category. For example, you need help on Changing the current active company. Changing the current active company is an operational procedure. Help related to this particular function would be found under the Operations heading in the Table of Contents. You can also perform a Search located on the bottom of the Navigation bar to your left.

The Viewport is the first window you access upon logging into your Vx7 application. It may be helpful to review your system requirements and access instructions before logging into your Vx7 application for the first time. The general menu bar is located just above the company logo, top left hand of the screen. In some cases the menu has been replaced with a tab interface and a ribbon bar. All windows have one standard menu or ribbon with accelerator keys and soft keys. While not all menu items are active in every window, we discuss each item and their use.

A comprehesive concept discussion of the Xdate development cycle is available in our Develop and Author section.


Integrated specialization starts with enterprize operations. This section details each functional branch of the operations section.


Integrated financials starts with enterprize accounting. This section details each functional branch of the accounting section.


Integrated customization starts with enterprize administration. This section details each functional branch of the administration section.


Operational bulletins contain information on specific procedures and processes within the Xdate program.
Technical bulletins contain broadcast information on new features, network operations and maintenance.
Business resources list industry standard tables and codes.
Our dictionary reference defines all the data tables and their use.

The Vx Library contains a compilation of developer notes, discussions, comments, and suggestions.
The Vx User Stories contain walk throughs with comments and reflections on individual experiences.

A full site Index is available for reference.

Marketing materials and graphics is available for trade partners and resellers.