Optimize operational efficiency by empowering your company!

With Vx7, capture daily production runs, manage work orders, record purchase orders and sale orders, or schedule shipping and receiving. Our software solution helps users better fulfill and understand their role by creating a knowledge base of company activity.

Track to-dos, automate repetitive tasks, manage important documents and track inventory every step of the supply chain.


Easy Management


Quickly identify and track the progress of a client’s contract. Create budgets and measure each expense with specific indicators. Shorten your approval process and alleviate risk. Negotiate and manage contracts with simplicity.


Keep track of letters and emails by tagging them directly to an account for future reference. All communication between any entities can be saved, sorted, and indexed. Easily find the document when you need it.


Capture all the details of your assets. Manage deploying, operating, maintaining, upgrading, and disposing of assets cost-effectively.


Control All Aspects

Manage stock across multiple locations and 3rd Party Logistics’. Ensure that shelves are appropriately stocked and essential products are always on hand. Vx7 supports many different inventory methods and is tailored to your specific inventory needs. Such As:

Account Processing

Assign multiple contacts and locations to an Account. Distinguish all business relationships and communications at the individual level in any corporation. Keep a knowledge base of interactions between your company and outside businesses.

Workflow Automation

Automate many of your business processes. Vx7 promotes the power of automation. Free up employees time by reducing the need for repetitive tasks.


Create a notification for any task or project you might be watching. With Notifications you can: Get a daily view of in-transit orders, Status updates of important contracts, Inventory alerts, and much more.