An integrated WMS is important!

Vx7 Warehouse Management System (WMS) supports your staff in performing the processes required to handle all of your major and minor warehousing tasks. Every step in the warehousing process is captured and integrated with your business processes. Our integrated system allows all other parts of your company to seamlessly work with accurate information when making important business decisions.

Our technology reduces the time, effort, and cost of recordkeeping.


Pick & Pack

Our WMS makes your pick and pack process easy and efficient. We increase efficiency by listing items in the order in which the picker will find them. Our system handles any type of picking method including, Discrete Order Picking, Batch Picking, Wave Picking, Zone Picking, and if you’re not sure which works for you, our consultants can help!

Shipping & Receiving

Our system works with many couriers such as, USPS, FedEx, UPS, and DHL. Integration with the courier allows for quick and easy use when scheduling pickups, printing labels, or getting shipping estimates. We provide EDI services that create and transmit Advance Shipping Notices (ASN).


Easy Management

Telemetry TV delivers real-time information that gets your staffs attention. Telemetry is deployed on any screen within your warehouse. It provides data relevant to each users' role. Vx7 creates a dynamic playlist of content that is conditionally displayed and easily customizable. Our customers use Vx7 Telemetry to unite shipping/receiving info across their workplace! Features: